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How can I change the channel to receive OTP?

There are two ways to receive OTP: by e-mail and by phone. You have to complete the confirmation of your email and phone number. Normally, to receive the confirmation messages or OTP from us, you will receive in the form of an e-mail. But if you would like to change...

Asking to Change the Information

Name and email address changes Name and email address changes are not allowed. If clients change their name-surname, the information in IUX Data will no longer match, causing problems with deposits and withdrawals from the system. Please contact  [email protected] directly with any questions regarding changing your account’s information. Example Dear...

What should I do if I suppose somebody else has access to my account?

We recommend you immediately change your passwords and inform us of what happened. If the privacy of your account has been weakened, we recommend that you change your trading platform and your area passwords immediately. We recommend that you save your passwords in a secure location and not on shared...

Can I change my leverage?

You can change the leverage on the My Account tab and click on the tab. Change Leverage in the Member Area This way leverage changes take effect immediately. But will be adjusted according to the margin of the available margin.